Post Projects Needed

Post Projects
Currently in process 3/7/18
1. Window coverings. Blinds/shades. Procurement and installation.
2. Crown Molding, LED lighting, control cables and power supply.
3. East entry door replacement, ramp, threshold. (Requires relocation of mailbox. Separate project.)
4. Hardwood floor installation.
5. Toe molding.
6. Light boxes around existing fluorescent lights.
7. Wiring for new ceiling lighting fixtures. Procurement and installation of fixtures.
8. Upgrade/replace bar.
9. West entry door replacement.
10. Entertainment sound system.
1. Saw-cut masonry wall at new location.
2. Fabricate steel face plates.
3. Install new box/chute.
Surveillance Cameras
1. Route LV power and video cables in attic.
2. Mount cameras under eves.
3. Install shelf for DVR.
4. Procure and install video monitor.
Office Shelving
1. Procure plywood and adjustable pilaster strips and clips.
2. Cut to specification.
3. Install.
Flag Processing
1. Develop a plan for sorting and distributing flags and design a facility accordingly. Current area is 15’X15′ (225 square feet, 1,800 cubic feet.)
2. Construct shelving and/or other temporary storage.
Meeting Hall
1. Replace lighting with modern fixtures. Re-wire as required.
2. Install modern video and audio capability. (Enable remote meetings.)
3. Upgrade furnishings.
4. Strip/Wax floor on a regular basis.
Building Exterior
1. Replace roof. (Contractor.)
2. Cold patch downspout drain asphalt cuts.
3. Clean out trash shed.
4. Fence north building wall to fence to discourage pedestrian traffic, litter and graffiti.
5. Remove lump in East side sidewalk surface.
Parking Lot
1. Install wheel stops adjacent to building/sidewalk.
1. Clean rest rooms on a regular schedule and after each event.
2. Sweep/Mop all areas after every food event.
3. Vacuum/dust all surfaces, floor to ceiling, on a regular basis.
4. Clean/rotate display cases and materials.
5. Clean windows twice yearly.
Wish List

1. Upgrade heating/air conditioning system.
2. Upgrade Windows. (Ongoing.)
3. Upgrade/remodel Kitchen.
4. Upgrade rest rooms and plumbing (urgent need.)
5. Install Utility Tub in furnace room.
6. Upgrade door lock