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House Committee Report

Maintenance and Capital Improvements Task List

April 4, 2017

Donations of your time and effort can help with General Maintenance Items

Donations are requested and appreciated:
There are many Capital Improvements needed to upgrade the energy efficiency of our building to save on Heating

and Cooling costs. Click HERE to donate through PayPal.

Or send a check or Money Order to:

Hillsboro Post No. 6 American Legion
285 W Main St.
Hillsboro, OR 97123

We Thank You for Your Generous Support


Capital Improvements


  • Office storage. Shelving needs to be installed to optimize storage space and organize the mess. Clothing & Hats need attention. Remove cardboard boxes.
  • Procure basic caster office chair for office.
  • Replace one existing desk with work table and appropriate storage unit in office.
  • Meeting Hall lighting. Replace Fluorescent lights with modern LED fixtures.NEED Funding, Donations?
    This will reduce the electical cost.
  • Lounge: expanded project management and support for new flooring, ceiling and lighting.
  • Replace hallway lights with modern fixtures to illuminate wall photo displays.
  • Southeast building window, mangled glazing strip protrudes away from building constituting a hazard to pedestrians.
  • Window replacement – estimated cost, parts and labor – $10,000.00 – NEED Funding, Donations?
  • Re-surface & stripe parking lot. Done
  • Procure basic caster office chairs for platform.  NEED Funding, Donations?
  • Replace meeting room chairs. – NEED Funding, Donations?
  • Replace rubber kitchen sink disposal shield.
  • Refrigerator door gasket ($90) and freezer door storage bar part ($4.)
  • Finish downspout drain project. Complete asphalt patches.
  • Coat/hat racks for Lounge.
  • Install storage shelving in dish washer closet and rear bar storage area.