Membership Report


Your dues were due on January 1st. If you have not yet paid your 2018 dues, you are delinquent. Please check your card, and if you do not have a current card dated 2018, please renew asap. Other than that membership is currently way ahead of last year and that is great.

Remember, if your Legion magazine stops showing up in your mail box, you need to renew your membership. We are only as strong as our numbers. In twenty years we have gone from 3.3 million members to less than 2 million. We are losing 50,000 members per year do to death and non-renewals.

I will be going to Washington DC the 24th of February along with 5 other legionaries from Oregon to visit our representatives and senators, to let them know the priorities The American Legion has concerning our veterans and their families

Rob Liebenow—Membership Chair – 503-826-5877